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How to get to 1borneo

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If you’re wondering how to get to 1Borneo, well here’s a few options.

By Car or Taxi

Yes, all roads lead to 1 Borneo, but the quickest way when you find yourself in the city centre is to head along Jalan Pantai, direction Likas.

The moment you hit the fringes of the city and the start of Likas Bay, you’ll see the first 1Borneo signboard telling you that 1Borneo is only 7kms away.

Following this road will take you past landmarks such as the Sabah Trade Building, the Floating Mosque, the Tun Mustapha Building (large cylindrical building that houses Atmosphere Restaurant & Bar), University Malaysia Sabah. Depending on traffic, you will reach the largest lifestyle hyper mall in East Malaysia, 1 Borneo, about 20 – 30 minutes later.

The easiest way to park will be the off-ramp just before the property. But while they’re working on this, it’s best to go all the way to the other end of the property and up the ramp to the 2nd and 3rd floor.

There you will find ample parking, which is easy to navigate and will put you at an entrance in the heart of the mall.

A taxi, and this is unverified, should cost in the region of RM 10 – RM 15 from the city centre. With a maximum capacity of 4 people, this is a fast and inexpensive option.

Of course, driving yourself does have it’s drawbacks, even more so on the days that 1 Borneo will be crawling with people (read weekends and holidays).

1Borneo Shuttle Bus

To entice shoppers to 1Borneo, a free shuttlebus runs a set schedule on a fixed route between major points in Kota Kinabalu and 1Borneo.

Hotel guests of Promenade Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort and Shang-ri La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa will be delighted to learn that these 3 hotels are pick-up points for shuttles going to 1Borneo, ensuring that visitors to KK can easily reach this new development.

The 1 Borneo Shuttle Buses depart regularly from the designated points. The schedule seems to be adapted every so often, so best be sure to double check any schedule that you plan to rely on.

The 1Borneo Bus Schedule to the right seems to be a fairly recent one (Sep 08), so should be accurate, for this month at least.

The 1 Borneo Shuttle Buses are air-conditioned and, for the time being, complimentary.

Very Alternative Transport..


If driving by road in bus, car or taxi is just not your style, then 1 Borneo as an option for you.

A helipad, located on the near end of the 1 Borneo property as you approach from Kota Kinabalu, accommodates the 1 Borneo helicopter for the decerning shopper or busy hotel guest wanting to avoid traffic alltogether.

Although helipads in Kota Kinabalu are few in numbers, you will be able to transfer conveniently from either the Kota Kinabalu International Airport or Sutera Harbour Resort, straight to 1 Borneo is one easy flight from helipads located there.


Another first for East Malaysia and certainly something very unique in the world, is 1Borneo’s ambition to provide hovercraft transfer from the city centre and the airport.

A 30-odd seater hovercraft is on order, reportedly sourced from Australia, and will shortly be plying the route between the KKIA, KK city centre and 1 Borneo.

In the meantime, the river behind the complex is being widened to accommodate this mode of transport. No word on the cost of this particular transfer has been picked up as yet.

So whether you choose road, air, water or a combition of any, you have plenty of choices of how to get to 1 Borneo.

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