Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Ridiculous polls to date

Default !!!


We need to come up with an easier way to accomplish / streamline the following :-

1) When to ride ?
2) Who wants to ride ah ?
3) Where to go ?
4) Who calls / text / twitter / what'sup who ?

Frankly, all the above takes more time than the ride itself. My suggestion (open to other ideas) is to create a default !!

This is my proposed default.

When to Ride - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (open to suggestion, we can change the days) (Saturday & Sunday is open to other riding projects other than the default)
Where to go - Check the La Gauk Run route
What time - 5:45pm - 6 pm (open to suggestion)
Where to meetup - TK Gadong (next to fuel station, perfect for fillup)
Who leads / sweeper - none (we all know what to do)
Safety Briefing - none (we all know what to do)
Riding Speed - don't care (ride safe, that's all)
Peer Pressure - We got nothing to prove, so ride as per your own comfortable speed and capabilities (especially during corners), most importanly, ride safe
Left behind - so what ?, just meet up at our last stop, no big deal

Most importantly, who wants to ride that day, please do come, who don't feel like riding, busy for work related matters, no pressure to come. No need to call la. hehe, We will push off at 6 pm (as of now, this can change and open to suggestion). Whoever comes late, just ride and meet up at end point. No big deal.

The only rule that should be adhered : is to always be in pair or more. Never leave a single rider by him/herself. Whoever wants to ride faster may do so, the rest who wants to take their time and cruise can do so (in pair or more). No need to speed to catch up to next pack, just use your own judgement and common sense.

Note (the route may change and will be notified as per when that happens). As of now, our default start will be at TK (Gadong) and we will end up either at Sampurna (Gadong) or Kayu (Jangsak). We will pick the end point before we start each run. Anybody who wish to add their suggestion are most welcomed. This is not concrete. Keep the rules simple, most importantly, ride more, talk less and be safe.

La Gauk Run #2

Another run completed yesterday. Only 2 bking, the rest busy. Stopped by Jerudong for abby's famous sunset sunrise, everything romantic sessions. And then, a light dinner at the lodge.

More Lubes !!

Another round of chain cleaning for the bking.

Bubbles gets new Toy

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunrise and Sunset on 30.7.2010

Woke up at 4.45am and rode straight to DC's for the meet up. (no, i didn't shower). As usual, i dont have a problem waking up early or just as anytime if i wanna do something. especially when i've made a promise. kingkong! yes you!! mofo LOL

I got at DC's at 5.15am then waited for the Kingkong to be there at 5.30am, as promised!! i couldn't wait for him any longer coz it's 5.41am, so i left. i could see the twilight scattering in the sky already. i didnt wanna miss the sunrise. thank god DC got ready. i really really thought he wouldn't wanna join as he finished work very late like almost 3am when i received his sms. and actually didnt wanna bother him. but i was glad he made it. (ohh Kingkong, how could you?!! never, never do that on your dates! you'd be trashed and will never be forgiven no matter how sorry you are)
i dont wanna make this sound so bad. it's ok Kingkong, i'll forgive u this time. still friend? :) KMA <-- figure this out LOL

The sunrise. Ohh it was such an incredible feeling. utterly peaceful. the sky & colours, breeze, the sun, waves, etc, all and everything was in harmony. moments when i felt like i surrender myself to the Universe. (ya, ya, make fun of me. i know. this is so lame)

The sunset at Jerudong beach near the fish market. It's always been me being so pathetic and helplessly romantic/sentimental person. (No i'm not gay like the rest of u)
Rushing back from work/shoot, and rode to catch the sunset on the same day (despite the lack of sleep and rest)
I told myself once, i wanna make a day where i wanna watch the same sun wakes up from the horizon in the morning and sinks into the waters in the evening. and i did it :)
I know this isn't important, but it makes you remember the moments in life even though it is just a simple thing like this.
(well, basically it's just that riding is more fun than driving haa. i feel very intimate with the surroundings when riding. true or not? true!)

i was touched so so much for such a special surprise on my birthday. simply wordless. Y_Y
(i know im special XD )

Went for breakfast at Norlizah & Iskandar cafe/restaurant located in lambak (same block as WYWY restaurant, near Pertama superstore)
It's the bestest Roti in town!! Incredibly crispy. And it's hairless, so far.

After the sunset, i met the three gay at the nearby fish market and they were enjoying Mr Softy ice creams. They didn't join me for the sunset, or even the sunrise next time. That just because they feel so gay to show their inner soft and weak self being. it's the man ego thing. tsk tsk tsk.

Then we made a tour round at Bridex. Too many cars and people. we didn't stop instead we headed down to have our dinner at All Star Sports cafe in holiday lodge. Right after dinner, it's my/our rituals - a lil bit of camwhoring here and there.

im full of crap. i know. sorry.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3rd bking in brunei

Saw this new silver bking in front on ministry of finance this afternoon, wonder who the owner is.

Irwan's multiple orgasms

Saw these in one of my folders while going through other photos. Irwan seems to be very orgasmic. he made me laugh. i dunno. i've never seen a guy could ever make such orgasmic face LOL.

Gay but sweet..
Adam's making a crazy monkey techno dance.
Irwan, i like your style haa.. u just won one million dollar.

i still like your style irwan.. XD

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arab + Treadmill = lagi funny !


Arab + Motorcycle = Too Funny !

HAHAHAHA !, I just can't stop laughing !, HJAHAHA

La Gauk Run


Ok budak-budak Gauk, today cuaca tidak mengizin kan soooo.. if next time kan join but can't keep up this is how the run looks like :-)
Map and directions below. If you cant see the map in full size then click here
  1. TK Menglait 550pm, jalan 6pm
  2. iLotus Curves
  3. Old Airport Right Curve
  4. Right @ Edinburgh Traffic
  5. Kumbang Pasang Curve
  6. Mabohai
  7. Left behind Immigration
  8. Straight pass Edinburgh Traffic
  9. Old Airport Left Curve
  10. Airport Rings
  11. Underpass Manggis Roundabout
  12. Roundabout Sg Akar turn Mabohai
  13. Kebangsaan/ Mabohai highway
  14. Big screen SOAS turn right
  15. Traffic light Jubilee/SOAS turn left
  16. BOMBA traffic turn right
  17. Mahkamah Curve
  18. Roundabout Jame turn Beribi
  19. Roundabout TAIB straight
  20. Roundabout Beribi left to Jangsak
  21. Jangsak Curves
  22. U-Turn Jangsak
  23. Maju Traffic turn left
  24. 360 at roundabout then right to empty area
  25. U-Turn at empty area back to roundabout
  26. Roundabout to Maju traffic
  27. Roundabout Beribi
  28. Roundabout TAIB
  29. Roundabout Jame

Harley Apeson

Booo me.. Booooooooooo.....

Photographer: Si Ali
Location: Muara Beach

Monday, July 26, 2010

2 More B-King Spoken For

Just heard from Jeff (Samseng Sharrif Auto) that the silver B-King (last remaining non-ABS in Batu Besurat Showroom) have been registered today. The black B-King (damaged Black B-King at Warisan showroom) is too already booked by a customer. Looks like there will be 4 B-King on the road now.

King Kong very thirsty nowadays

When I first got my b-king a couple of weeks ago, I was still learning it's quirks and getting to grips of it's monstrous throttle response (even at B Mode - which is 70% of full power). Coming from a 1300cc cruiser, this thing is a rocket ship. Anyway, a full tank of gas (approx BND$6) would give me roughly about 240km range easy before the low fuel indicator blinks at me. Now that I'm in constant (A-Mode - full afterburner power) and giving the throttle quite a bit of a workout, I'm lucky if I don't get that blinking low fuel indicator at 180-190km range. That's a bit too thirsty if you ask me. This will pose a problem to it's touring capabilities, but then again I can just switch it back to B-Mode and be a little gentle on the ol throttle. Nah !, I don't think so, what's the point of getting a 181hp bike if you're going to limit it's power to 70%, wasting time. Fuel is cheap, just have to stop more frequently I guess.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

By Andrew Liszewski

Because I’m sure everyone loves adding yet another item to the list of things they have to buy batteries for, KJ Global is selling this electronic bike bell which runs on 2xAAs. To be honest I’ve no idea how it’s an improvement over the bell you’ve been ringing since your tricycle days, maybe it’s a bit louder? Maybe a bit more annoying so pedestrians or vehicles don’t ignore it? I’m not sure. It is waterproof though, so you don’t have to cover it up should you get caught in the rain, and it runs about $26 (£17.63) from the aforementioned KJ Global.

Bubbles and King Kong need this upgrade!

Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not uncommon to see a van or even a car that’s been specially converted so they can be driven by someone who’s confined to a wheelchair, but motorcycles are a different story. Until now, it’s been impossible for someone who’s physically disabled below the waist to enjoy the open road experience, but the Conquest, from a company called Mobility Conquest, changes that. As you can see in the photos, it’s not exactly your standard looking motorcycle, but its unique design allows it to be driven by a person in a wheelchair, while they’re still in their chair.

An automatic ramp at the back of the Conquest makes it easy to enter or exit the vehicle, and a simple locking mechanism ensures the driver, and a passenger, both remain secure during the ride. An 1170 CC engine gives the trike a top speed of 105 mph and a 0 to 60 time of 7.6 seconds, and a set of push button Kliktronic controls allow the driver to shift through all 6 gears (5 + reverse) right from the handlebars.

Somebody get me one of these. I really want to ride! I guess this is what Batman would ride if he were a cripple.

Monday, July 19, 2010

new sound..

only works when viewing on laptop or desktop.. doesnt support iphone.. ipad not sure hahaha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

FAQ + Answers updates

I've come across many people and noticed these questions below being uttered to me everytime they see me dismounting my bike :-

1) Eh ! bali moto sudah kah ? Awu lah.. nda patut kita buta nda nampak

2) Berapa cc nya ni ? (and then they hurriedly try to guess before you can even answer and guess what their guess is almost always just aimless guess) Rasa nya brapa?

3) Berapa tah u membali ni ? (and no matter what you answered, their reply would always be "eh mahal jua ah" and then this famous one "berapa tah sebulan ni bro?" Braaaaapaaa saja brader

4) Kenapa you inda bali [substitute with famous brand name ie: honda this, yamaha that, suzuki this, tai palai that] bro ? Suratan Takdir

5) Sampai KK sudah ni bro ? Insya Allah

6) Berapa tah panuh minyak ni bro ? Semuat2 tangki ah

7) Berapa tah sibiji ni tayar ah ? Inda batah makai ni bro ? Mahal ni eh.. Ikut cuaca lah

8) Masih ada wax ni bro siring nya, mau lean lagi tu bro (awu, tai palat lean tah kau) Save the best for last brader

9) Inda ikut pemoda bro ? Nda pandai brader

The most classic way to deter these type of people is to ask them : You bila lagi membali bro, join lah kami

Their classic answer (7/10) is : eh, bini inda menyuruh bah bro, aku mau pulang, inda kana suruh bah

When I will then proceed to reply with : ahh...rupanya, bah jangan tah teluan banyak tanya bro, bali dulu moto, jangan tah banyak cakap, wasting time saja bro.... (hehe, well not really la, that's what I whispered to myself usually).

These people usually make my day and if I have the time I usually will entertain them by answering all the wrong facts (ie: awu bro, 250cc saja bro, awu automatik pulang ni bro, inda pakai klas, awu rantai atu ke tukar tu bro, original bukan cematu, exhaust pun ke tukar bro, tayar murah eh, aku bali 2nd hand saja bro, minyak panuh $7 pulang ni bro, sampai jua ke limbang pulang balik ni bro, mana payah be rutix bro, gauk bro, kami ke KK masa ariatu pulang balik pagi sampai kk pukul 9 balik brunei tangahari pukul 12 la bro, kami laju pasal kami inda payah kiu bro, etc)

Russel do you know them? because you are of the entertainment business

The moon

Can't sleep so I'm just juburishing nonsense here. Do you ever notice the moon on your nails? How many of you have that? Bah post it up lah idiot hahaha.. Let see what we got :-)

bikeless orgasm

Nah bikeless chick, if you follow this dude baru climax brabis hahahahaha


Bikeless chick, now this one definately looks like the maxi-scooter version of the b-king hehehe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Dirty Little Bitch Gets Her Bath

She was a dirty little bitch. I had to drag her aside and soap her up real good, I made her really wet and squirted lots of thick soapy liquid on her belly. Now she's a clean little girl. But deep down, I really wanted her to be a dirty little bitch.

Japanese Techno Scooters

This one looks like Bking scooter


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


These group of hunksters decided to go for a ride tadi.
Tau-tau ujan sikit, lapas atu labat sikit, lapas atu ujan labat gilak, lapas atu karing, lapas atu nda tah mau branti ujan labat nya..
Last-last basah biji haha


haa.. my inbox is full of crazy emails. if u dont mind, i'd like share one of them. it says "dont use Vuvuzela." *sorry, it's a bit porny.*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BIBD Media Night

Zac, Adam, Jeff and me attended the BIBD Media Night at Rizqun 4th floor. It was a lot of fun. Great food and exciting games! And as we all know BIBD's been so awesome that we got ourselves an iPod shuffle each. How cool is that! The most fun part was we got to play face painting on Zac's face and turned him into Gene Simmons of the American rock band KISS. Pls don't freak out. LOL. (it was Adam's idea. thanks Adam haa) The MC said "macam mayat bangun semula." haa

2Gb iPod shuffle.