Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Motoair Airbag Demo

Hi KPMG, i miss u...

Went to see the airbag demo last night at Zany Details in Sinarubai. it was pretty cool!!
Danny himself has a built-in tummy airbag. that's what he said LOL. hey, the vest makes u look slimmer seriously.. and i think ur new haircut too

@Danny, pls put the text. thanks..


  1. Ya, still have this permanently-on airbag in front and the sides. Ali, bilakan mengilankan ni? Start Karang eh. I like that last pic, tried to imitate Abby's famous pose...mun ku tau keluar sini, makai wig ku. KPMG, last day is tomorrow guys. Thanks guys.

    ps. bila riding a.k.a. mengasak lagi kan?

  2. See the leather gloves and 2 pairs of arm sleeves (under the glove)? They're new and I will let anyone have them for $30.00 as is. Size good for ladies or people with small hands. Let me know.