Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suzuki GSR600 Hari Raya Sales

Saw a used 2008 Suzuki GSR600 at a used car dealership today. Kim this is definitely the bike for you !!!

Nice Orange Color Scheme

Luqman very interested, hehe !!

Tasty Yoshimura Exhaust and sounds mean too !!!

Seriously, this color is nice !!!

Here's what you need to do :-

1) Brand new front and rear tyres
2) Full Service & Chain Service
3) Check Brake Pad (Front and Rear)
4) Check the front right bushing on front suspension fork
5) Remove all those stickers

Here's what we know :-

1) 2008 Model
2) One Previous Owner
3) Runs good, good clutch and gearbox
4) Passes the STIG test, CERTIFIED !!

This is the one to get !!

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