Thursday, December 9, 2010

FarmVille. WeFarm. eh??

I've been meaning to check out this place long time ago. only today we got there. quite an interesting place. it's like FarmVille or WeFarm. LOL. the feeling is pretty much like u are in New Zealand haha..
oh where. it's at the very end road of DeRimba, there's a big roundabout and a signboard - Pusat Latihan Mekanikal.

im sure it's a nice place if u go early in the morning. the freshness of the air and the sounds of the nature, while sipping hot tea. really peaceful.

Ostrich terlapas instagramming! LOL
Tini is waiting for the ostriches to let go their deposits.
An alien.
Poor and under nourished ostriches :( feathers fallen off. kasian. dont know what are they thinking when looking at us.
u guys should see the deer at the other end. they look funny. their heads make a synchronized turn when they see u haha.. but they are adorable and special. there is something magical about this animal. reminds me of christmas..
Ostrich terlapas.
Posing by the fence.

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