Thursday, December 9, 2010

Still Remember once upon a time at Litar?? Yeah we all did it!! That's in 2010.

I just feel i need to post something for 2010 photos. Here are some of them that have not been posted. Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

I hope it brings a lot of sweet memories for all of us this year. That's when KPMG was born, and born to be whale. and yes indeed, we were born to perform.

It has been a good year, fun and crazy. no matter what's happened, take it as an experience in life and a lesson learnt. never think otherwise. we fall, we get up and we ride again. 'cause that's what we are, The Gauk Riders ;) gauk yo! we all know, everything happens for a reason. it's something very personal. getting to know yourself better. when u have overcome it, that's when u know you're a stronger person inside regardless what bike or what CC u ride.

bigger bike or faster bike doesn't mean u are a tough rider, eh? that's more on the outside ego thing right? haha.. kidding :) being self reflective is always good.

ok ok. here are the photos..

JPD Litar. a battle place for all riders.
Joe, the stunt rider from Sutifah. a good student :)
I know everyone hates this bumpy track. but we all did it well right.
it shouldnt be less than 8 sec, yeah?

The figure 8 track.

The straight platform. i closed my eyes when doing this. it was so easy. some people just couldnt get it straight. i dont know who. im sure there are people haha.. :pp

Maneuvering up
Maneuvering back again.

Emergency brake.
Lowland, what u doing? how can u pass the test? u kopi O with irwan ah? :D

JPD should include wheeley la as part of the test. then we know we are qualified!!

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