Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Continous Power for my SMH10

Went to Makjeff's place today (Sharrif Auto) to install my 12DV charger for my Senna SMH10 Bluetooth Module as I don't want to be without music or intercom for the whole duration of the KK trip. 

All we needed were the female 12DV socket, my senna cable and some fantastic metal fabrication of Makjeff's super ace mechanic. Fantastic job and it only cost $20. The socket is $13, total is $33 for a job well done.

The tinkering begins by measuring and fabricating a special metal bracket on which the female socket will be slotted into.

After approximately 30 minutes of tinkering, we decided to place the unit underneath the rear seat cover. It has plenty of space and I can remove the charger and leave it unplugged when I don't need it.

Super ace mechanic from Sharrif Auto. Makjeff's have done it again. He did all the fabrication and wiring. The unit will only be powered if my ignition is on.

The finished installation after some painting on the metal bracket. The cable is then routed to the front seat and comes out from my left to my module (on my helmet). When not in use, I just have to unplug the socket on the rear seat and leave the rest of the cable underneath my main seat. Brilliant and it's water proof as well.

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