Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunrise with a scooter Mia 125 & the new born XJ6

Woke up at 4.45am.
Met up at Nasi Katok Traffic Light just at the entrance of spg Kg. Mata-mata.
We got at Serasa beach at 6am.

The sunrise, i dunno how many time i have to tell u. It's always always been gorgeous. The weather was a bit humid and it was a bit quiet coz i think it's puasa month.

The sun today was like a solid salted golden egg yolk. that's how i describe it. (juicy telor masin)

We enjoyed the sunrise and of course we didnt forget our rituals, when 2 girls together, we usually do french-ing. that's right, in front of the juicy telor masin LOL.

Tini is about to emit some fresh gas, and kimchee is in her ready position to sniff it. @kimchee, why ur doing that pose??
Yoga pose. it's like two shuttle rockets that are about to launch into the galaxy of the universe LOL.
As usual, i-am-so-intensely-absorbed-and-completely-surrender-to-the-universe pose.
Yeah.. there u are. Sexy looking XJ6. Everyone wants to hump that bike. let's hope i can hump it someday.
i don't know why kimchee likes doggie pose, or ass sniffing pose.

Went for sungkai breakfast at Semporna. We didn't have Sahur early morning before riding.
The popular seria kuey teow. it's a bit sinful to look at when fasting ;)

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