Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good morning Sunday August 8th.

The sun woke me up early morning today. Very early that i almost went for another sunrise ride again haa.. Yeah, i know silly. But once again i was reconnected myself to the Universe last friday, earlier than the friday before. haa i know this post is annoying. full of bull crap. I'm like turning this blog into the world of gayness sorry haa..

After doing my rituals like camwhore, meditation, yoga and head stand on the rocks haa.. then i took my time embracing the moments, surrender myself, feeling connected and was absorbed into the universe that answers what you seek and ask for. it felt like the universe was listening to me for the first time n_n
yeah then i asked and said "i wanna get my dream bike, i want, i really want" haa kidding.

I saw a couple of people fishing and jogging in the area as early as 6am.
The Thai dude caught this big fish.
More cooling breeze that time. very gloomy morning. i felt amazing. i was doing some kinda fashion camwhore photoshoot at the beach haa..
Kasian my bike. It's his first bath at iWax after for so long. $6. first customer at 8am.
Oh yea, i went for the sunset too on the same day but i didn't bring my camera :/

Ok that's all for now. til then i'll see u again on the next sunrise, sunset post LOL.

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