Friday, August 13, 2010

La Gauk Run (Chill Out Session) 11th Aug 2010

A quite Wednesday night was greeted with a roar of a handfull of bikes roaming the highway. Total turn out was 9 bikes. Quite a record for us for a La Gauk Run (albeit a mellow chill out version) but still a run nonetheless.

A short break at Danny's Detailing Shop

Plenty of bikes for once

Wan "Hmm, mana satu kan ku bali ni ah !"

A new addition to the group (Abdullah's brand spanking new V-Star 1300)

We don't believe what abby said about her bike, so the stig took it out for a test drive (the result is top secret !!)
Welcoming Douglas (with his XJR1300) sitting on Abdullah's V-Star 1300
Zac with his 2 horsepower stick ("Nanti kamu, sudah baik, siap kamu !!)
"Jual helmet ya bang"
We found a conveniently placed table for our helmet just outside of Semporna, what a stroke of genuis !!
Group Photo (the one taken by Abby)

Group Photo (the one taken by Luqman)

Abby was so hot, her ABC cummed with delight !!

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