Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planning next KK tour

Could be like the map below. alternatively we can also push to Tenom and exit straight to Sipitang and rest at Amoi's Coffee house.. Amoiiii ahhh

Day 1
Brunei - Lawas - Sipitang - Beaufort - KK - Check in?

Day 2
KK - Tuaran - Mt Kinabalu, Kundasang - Check in?

Day 3
Mt Kinabalu, Kundasang - Ranau - Tambunan - Keningau - Papar - Sipitang - Lawas - Brunei
Kundasang - Ranau - Tambunan - Keningau - Tenom - Sipitang - Lawas - Brunei

Still open for suggestions. Just a lay out plan to toy around with. Gila nyanyat ni!!

Burger King Pitstop

After a 6 hour ride, we stopped at Burger King for lunch. Everybody was really hungry.

Hantu Burger King Lapar ni !!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

KK trip August 2010

Budak Gauk's first stop.. BKings meet Burger King finally!
Lapar tu usul nya !, haha

Manis senyuman mu..
pindah parking yo

King Kong in action

Irwan posing yo

Budak Gauk models

Budak Gauk posers
Walking to the apartment

Finally, aircon and menyandar.. nyaman eh

King Kong finishing up his bottle of water.. notice its still bright outside hahaha

Luciano KO sudah after the 6hr ride

Dua dua pengsan yo !!

We all decided to join in

Officially the helmet cabinet

Views outside our apartment from the 6th floor. (Room 602, Block D)

The princess of the Universe's master bedroom

I dunno why Bking is touching his crotch. Ambil you purse and phone la

We always noticed Irwan's talking on the phone like that, like a spy.

Irwan sasat so we sent a search party to look for him haha

Finally arrived at 1borneo, now looking for a safe parking spot

Parked in front of the entrance

Mahal jua parking nya ani.. nda lagi dapat bawa helmet masuk


Princess of the universe TG.. Tumpang Glamor

Smoke and dine.. best bro best in europe!

Seafood platters nyummm

NY Fish & Chips nyummm

Fantastic seafood pizza. Yummy crust..

French fries vampire looking hungry

The helmets chilling out at starbucks.

Budak Gauks in for a loooong night

Vibrating ring is a must have

KingKong's paying for all the boxes..

A night of electro & funky house sounds. Man, the sounds are superb & mind blowing. Always, must always stop by here "WhiteRoom" in KK Times Square.
Pekan Nabalu for Maggi Mee Goreng.. nyaman eh

Maggi Mee Goreng, Sedap Di Makan, Lama di tunggu yo !!

Awesome Mount Kinabalu as our backdrop.. will come back to conquer you!

Credit to: The princess of the Universe who photographed the KPMG KK trip. I was only using canon point & shoot.

I try to make ur machines look mean. Hope y'all like the photos. Hardly got my photos taken :( The dudes didnt offer to help me. I always ended up camwhoring myself.. 

(THE DUDES : Actually we offered many times, but you seem hesistant to strip, that's y we couldn't be bothered taking photos of you, hehe)

This is when i was on the way to Mabul island - such a paradise. U guys should go too.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boncing outfits. what do u think?

We were at 1Borneo thinking to buy these for our boncing outfits or not. cant decide. hmm.. haha

Ok. This body is really a turn on if ur a rider.. haa..

First place we conquered in KK

BKings finally meet Burger King haha

Saturday, August 28, 2010

the next challenge..

Will let "namaku si aooliiii" write a review about the trip.. All I have to say is.. IT WAS MIND BLASTING!! We wanted to push up to Kinabalu park but only managed 1/2 way up the mountain as time was not on our side. BUT f%#k man.. the twisties, I tell ya, are literally to die for hahaha.. Only managed to run from A to B as shown in the map. Next time A-C..

Budak Gauks will be back to conquer you mount Kinabalu ;-)

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KK Trip DONE !!

Everybody came home safe and sound today @ 7.45pm (Kuala Lurah). Pictures and report will be coming up soon.