Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sipitang Ride 10th July 2010

The convoy consisted of AJ, DC, BKing, Luqman, Irwan & Danny. Our optional plan to push to KK didn't come through as our pace was a little slow. The only option was to have a break in Sipitang, then head back down to Kuala Lurah. We made a visit to the Limbang Bike Shop. Got my "tiny" rear spool there. The SYM 250GTS had a slight hiccup in Sindumin but it managed to spring back to life in about 10 minutes. It then leadthe way back with a spirited pace. In summary, it was a hot and tiring ride as the day washot and there were too many stops. Next mission is to make an overnight trip to KK and ride the mountains.

Group photos at Labu Checkpoint

Having a nice relaxing nap in Limbang

The bike DC started the trip with.....

....and the bike after the trip

Until next time, more gaukness to come.

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