Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Proposed Across Border Trip

Inviting all hantus to a possible across border trip this weekend (9th - 11th July 2010). Destination unknown. Need to discuss over KPMG Official Talk Rubbish Coffee Break Meeting later to iron out all the details.

Tentatively Confirmed Hantus
  1. AJ - king kong
  2. Yan - Bubbles
  3. DC - XJR1300
  4. Luqman - Dragstar 1100
  5. Fadhali - FZ6
  6. Irwan - SYM250
  7. Danny - Raider1900

-UPDATES for Saturday 10th July 2010 Daytrip-
  1. Fuel up the night before.
  2. Day before, check tire pressures/ chain/ suspension/ nutsbolts/ testicles/ penises/ pussies
  3. Bring rain kit if ada, otherwise use plastic sampah (ziplock bag to protect your documents and money)
  4. Passport valid.
  5. Cash in RM for fuel, ferry, makan & drink. Change in advance in brunei BND100 pun ok
  6. Photocopy bluecard/ insurance
  7. Extra t-shirt, etc

    Anything else can be discussed further later

0530am Meet up at Rafi's @ Jangsak
0550am Ride to Kuala Lurah
0645am Refuel at Temburong
0655am Ride as far as it takes us
0900am Pitstop - pee, ciggie, drink, update blog, tweet, foursquare
1130am Final destination up north, unknown.
1135am Pitstop - Lunch, rest, pee, ciggie, drink, update blog, tweet, foursquare
1220pm Suit up
1230pm Ride back to BSB
1530pm Pitstop - pee, ciggie, drink, update blog, tweet, foursquare
1800pm Kuala Lurah border

This is our journey BUT to be continued..

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