Tuesday, July 27, 2010

La Gauk Run


Ok budak-budak Gauk, today cuaca tidak mengizin kan soooo.. if next time kan join but can't keep up this is how the run looks like :-)
Map and directions below. If you cant see the map in full size then click here
  1. TK Menglait 550pm, jalan 6pm
  2. iLotus Curves
  3. Old Airport Right Curve
  4. Right @ Edinburgh Traffic
  5. Kumbang Pasang Curve
  6. Mabohai
  7. Left behind Immigration
  8. Straight pass Edinburgh Traffic
  9. Old Airport Left Curve
  10. Airport Rings
  11. Underpass Manggis Roundabout
  12. Roundabout Sg Akar turn Mabohai
  13. Kebangsaan/ Mabohai highway
  14. Big screen SOAS turn right
  15. Traffic light Jubilee/SOAS turn left
  16. BOMBA traffic turn right
  17. Mahkamah Curve
  18. Roundabout Jame turn Beribi
  19. Roundabout TAIB straight
  20. Roundabout Beribi left to Jangsak
  21. Jangsak Curves
  22. U-Turn Jangsak
  23. Maju Traffic turn left
  24. 360 at roundabout then right to empty area
  25. U-Turn at empty area back to roundabout
  26. Roundabout to Maju traffic
  27. Roundabout Beribi
  28. Roundabout TAIB
  29. Roundabout Jame

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