Saturday, July 31, 2010

Default !!!


We need to come up with an easier way to accomplish / streamline the following :-

1) When to ride ?
2) Who wants to ride ah ?
3) Where to go ?
4) Who calls / text / twitter / what'sup who ?

Frankly, all the above takes more time than the ride itself. My suggestion (open to other ideas) is to create a default !!

This is my proposed default.

When to Ride - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (open to suggestion, we can change the days) (Saturday & Sunday is open to other riding projects other than the default)
Where to go - Check the La Gauk Run route
What time - 5:45pm - 6 pm (open to suggestion)
Where to meetup - TK Gadong (next to fuel station, perfect for fillup)
Who leads / sweeper - none (we all know what to do)
Safety Briefing - none (we all know what to do)
Riding Speed - don't care (ride safe, that's all)
Peer Pressure - We got nothing to prove, so ride as per your own comfortable speed and capabilities (especially during corners), most importanly, ride safe
Left behind - so what ?, just meet up at our last stop, no big deal

Most importantly, who wants to ride that day, please do come, who don't feel like riding, busy for work related matters, no pressure to come. No need to call la. hehe, We will push off at 6 pm (as of now, this can change and open to suggestion). Whoever comes late, just ride and meet up at end point. No big deal.

The only rule that should be adhered : is to always be in pair or more. Never leave a single rider by him/herself. Whoever wants to ride faster may do so, the rest who wants to take their time and cruise can do so (in pair or more). No need to speed to catch up to next pack, just use your own judgement and common sense.

Note (the route may change and will be notified as per when that happens). As of now, our default start will be at TK (Gadong) and we will end up either at Sampurna (Gadong) or Kayu (Jangsak). We will pick the end point before we start each run. Anybody who wish to add their suggestion are most welcomed. This is not concrete. Keep the rules simple, most importantly, ride more, talk less and be safe.

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