Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunrise and Sunset on 30.7.2010

Woke up at 4.45am and rode straight to DC's for the meet up. (no, i didn't shower). As usual, i dont have a problem waking up early or just as anytime if i wanna do something. especially when i've made a promise. kingkong! yes you!! mofo LOL

I got at DC's at 5.15am then waited for the Kingkong to be there at 5.30am, as promised!! i couldn't wait for him any longer coz it's 5.41am, so i left. i could see the twilight scattering in the sky already. i didnt wanna miss the sunrise. thank god DC got ready. i really really thought he wouldn't wanna join as he finished work very late like almost 3am when i received his sms. and actually didnt wanna bother him. but i was glad he made it. (ohh Kingkong, how could you?!! never, never do that on your dates! you'd be trashed and will never be forgiven no matter how sorry you are)
i dont wanna make this sound so bad. it's ok Kingkong, i'll forgive u this time. still friend? :) KMA <-- figure this out LOL

The sunrise. Ohh it was such an incredible feeling. utterly peaceful. the sky & colours, breeze, the sun, waves, etc, all and everything was in harmony. moments when i felt like i surrender myself to the Universe. (ya, ya, make fun of me. i know. this is so lame)

The sunset at Jerudong beach near the fish market. It's always been me being so pathetic and helplessly romantic/sentimental person. (No i'm not gay like the rest of u)
Rushing back from work/shoot, and rode to catch the sunset on the same day (despite the lack of sleep and rest)
I told myself once, i wanna make a day where i wanna watch the same sun wakes up from the horizon in the morning and sinks into the waters in the evening. and i did it :)
I know this isn't important, but it makes you remember the moments in life even though it is just a simple thing like this.
(well, basically it's just that riding is more fun than driving haa. i feel very intimate with the surroundings when riding. true or not? true!)

i was touched so so much for such a special surprise on my birthday. simply wordless. Y_Y
(i know im special XD )

Went for breakfast at Norlizah & Iskandar cafe/restaurant located in lambak (same block as WYWY restaurant, near Pertama superstore)
It's the bestest Roti in town!! Incredibly crispy. And it's hairless, so far.

After the sunset, i met the three gay at the nearby fish market and they were enjoying Mr Softy ice creams. They didn't join me for the sunset, or even the sunrise next time. That just because they feel so gay to show their inner soft and weak self being. it's the man ego thing. tsk tsk tsk.

Then we made a tour round at Bridex. Too many cars and people. we didn't stop instead we headed down to have our dinner at All Star Sports cafe in holiday lodge. Right after dinner, it's my/our rituals - a lil bit of camwhoring here and there.

im full of crap. i know. sorry.

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