Monday, July 26, 2010

King Kong very thirsty nowadays

When I first got my b-king a couple of weeks ago, I was still learning it's quirks and getting to grips of it's monstrous throttle response (even at B Mode - which is 70% of full power). Coming from a 1300cc cruiser, this thing is a rocket ship. Anyway, a full tank of gas (approx BND$6) would give me roughly about 240km range easy before the low fuel indicator blinks at me. Now that I'm in constant (A-Mode - full afterburner power) and giving the throttle quite a bit of a workout, I'm lucky if I don't get that blinking low fuel indicator at 180-190km range. That's a bit too thirsty if you ask me. This will pose a problem to it's touring capabilities, but then again I can just switch it back to B-Mode and be a little gentle on the ol throttle. Nah !, I don't think so, what's the point of getting a 181hp bike if you're going to limit it's power to 70%, wasting time. Fuel is cheap, just have to stop more frequently I guess.


  1. yours can't be worse than my tractor, mine will show me the blink at 150km and it will drop dead at around 240km...

  2. I guess for what it can do, it's got good enough range, can't complain as I smile everytime i open up the throttle ;-)