Monday, July 12, 2010


Last Friday (9/7/2010), I made a full payment to Irwan $2319 for repairing his SYM250.

I feel like it's really an expensive lesson. Well, maybe it's not for some people. On top of that, for my treatments; massage/acupuncture sessions, supplements/vitamins, creams/lotions, medicines, fresh aloe vera, collagen drinks, high calcium drinks, etc. LOL. But, I'd say I was lucky enough that I didn't get any serious or major injuries.

Whatever that happened, I see it as an experience in life we must learn. We fall, we get up and move on. Very much related to "Live to Ride, Born to be Whale/Wild??" *what?? LOL*

Talking about 2319, so i thought it's a nice number to strike 4D. I didn't try my luck coz i had a bad dream. But just wanna share the results for last Sat and Sun today haha.. Not even that close huh!!

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